This bluetooth speaker was designed to be small and portable and will easily fit into a travel bag. It produces 10watts of total power output. The goal was to design and build something that looks modern and clean, is easy to use and small.

Despite it’s small size, it can go loud and produces a reasonably flat frequency response. It’s small size prevents it from being a ‘bass boombox’, but it can still deliver a balanced sound when playing a variety of music genres.

You can build your own by downloading the detailed 26 page plan that will show you how to go about it from here. The plans provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions and a list and links to tools, parts and materials that you will need.

Some of the PARTS used in this build:

This clip below is a very basic sound test to give you some idea of what this small speaker sounds like. It is of course best listened to through headphones at a moderate volume level. It was recorded via a Zoom H1 microphone ( at a listening distance of roughly 1 meter.