Retro Style Bluetooth Boombox Speaker – Build Plan


Build this rechargeable Retro Style Bluetooth Boombox Speaker by downloading this detailed 24 page plan that will show you how to go about it. The plans provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions and a list and links to tools, parts and materials that you will need.

*Build plan dimensions are given in millimetres.




When following this build plan, the end result should give you a system that will have a reasonable flat frequency response and pleasant sound, with a slight bump in the lower frequencies without becoming too ‘boomy’. Midrange performance is excellent with enough sparkle in the higher frequencies to satisfy most. The system will output approximately 30 Watts in total, and will go loud enough to fill a medium sized room with ease. Approximate finished size is:¬†(W x H x D): 428 mm x 150 mm x 226 mm (excluding knob, feet and handle dimensions). Recharge and play time will depend on the capacity of the batteries that you use.

The above 3 pages are extracts from the build plan.

Watch the build video above.



Watch the Sound Test video above.