Home Theater 2-Way Stereo Speakers – Build Plan


Build these 2-Way Stereo Speakers (good for both music and home theatre use) by downloading this detailed 17 page plan that will show you how to go about it. The plans provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions and a list and links to tools, parts and materials that you will need. This Build Plan is intended for the intermediate builder.

*Build plan dimensions are given in millimetres.



When following this build plan, the end result should give you speakers that will have the following approximate specifications:

Drive Units:

  • Tweeter: Peerless XT25SC90-04 Ring Radiator Tweeter
  • Woofer: Silver Flute W14RC25-04 5.5″ Woofer Wool Cone 4 Ohm

Enclosure Description:

  • Bass Reflex box system

Frequency Response:

  • -3dB at 53Hz and ±3dB up to 40000Hz on reference axis


  • Approximately 87dB


  • 6 Ohm

Recommended Amplifier Power:

  • 30 – 120W into 6 to 8 Ohms


  • (W x H x D): 199 mm x 350 mm x 278 mm

For approximately $170 plus the cost of wood and a few other parts, you can build yourself a set of 2-way stand mount speakers that will blow everything else available off the shelf away. These speakers are as good with music as they will perform in a home theatre setup. Soundstage and imaging is excellent and the vocals are very neutral with a clear high end that is detailed and will not become fatiguing over time. Put them on solid speaker stands and they will give you a solid bass response that is not boomy and sounds just right.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3