I love concrete, the texture and feel of it, and the fact that you can mould it into almost any shape. It is also a very good material to use for speaker enclosures, because of it’s weight and density. These small speakers was such a fun project that you can replicate with relative ease.

You can use almost any shape container, as long as the internal volume is roughly 1 litre, and the diameter is big enough to accommodate the driver. I have not included any crossover components since the Fountek driver frequency response is already very flat across it’s entire usable range. However, due to the round shape of the baffle the speaker will benefit from a baffle step correction circuit and perhaps some other correction crossover components.

The plan is to also build a matching concrete enclosure subwoofer using a 2.1 channel bluetooth amplifier. This will give me the opportunity to revisit these full range speakers and implement the necessary crossover circuit together with the subwoofer to make it a well rounded little system that is also interesting to look and rather novel.

Purchase links to some PARTS used in this build:

This clip below is a very basic sound test to give you some idea of what these small speakers sounds like. It is of course best listened to through headphones at a moderate volume level. It was recorded via a Zoom H1 microphone (http://amzn.to/2gcpLwE).