There is always a first for everything, and this is my first transmission line (TL) speaker build. I have heard people say that it is very difficult and time consuming to design a successful speaker of this kind, but it can produce far better quality sounding lower frequency response (bass) and a more spacious soundstage.

After initial listening tests, I can attest to the claim of better quality bass performance and a spacious soundstage. These point source full range drivers are truly very well designed. The speakers disappear and you and you are left only with the music. For my 1st TL, this came out better than expected, and honestly, I find myself listening to these speakers more and more. Even with a moderate bass response, the sound is full enough not to fire up the subwoofer to fill in the low end. A very balanced, detailed and well rounded sound indeed!

Get the BUILD PLANS for these speakers HERE

Listen to how they sound with the Sound Test video below.