This is the third and final in the series of three 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker builds. This one is designed to look like a Speech Bubble for my 18 year old nephew.

Link to where I purchased the TPA3116 2.1 Channel Amplifier Module with Bluetooth 4.0 on eBay:

All the CNC cut MDF parts.

Glueing up all the CNC cut MDF parts.

The parts are clamped with F-style clamps and the excess glue wiped off.

The stacked and glued parts are further assembled for the enclosure to take shape.

The front babble and rim is glued and clamped in place.

Side insert panels where cut from12mm thick scraps of Baltic Birch plywood.

The front speaker grill is sprayed with black paint to prevent the wood to show through the acoustic transparent fabric.

Contact glue is applied to the edges and left to dry to a tacky feel.

Acoustic transparent speaker fabric is stretched over the baffle and will stick to the glued edges.

Excess fabric is trimmed with sharp scissors.

Using body filler to clean up some of the imperfections with a good sanding process once it has set to make the surface smooth.

Applying a few layers of undercoat.

After the undercoat is dry, we can apply the final coats of white paint.

Internal enclosures for the full range drivers are cut from 100mm diameter PVC tube and glued in place with 2-part epoxy.

A hole for the power socket is cut with a jigsaw in the rear panel.

The ports are 40mm diameter PVC tube and 90 degree PVC angles. They are secured with 2-part epoxy.

Foam tape is used to line the driver holes to ensure an airtight seal once the driver is mounted.

The drivers can now be mounted.

The amplifier module, power supply and wiring is done and tested.

Foam strips line the internal full range enclosures and the edge of the larger enclosure to ensure an airtight seal.

Polyester damping material is placed in the enclosures to prevent standing waves.

Finally the rear panel is secured with screws and we can give the system a test.

The finished product and the finishing touch: the SoundBlab logo!


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