2.1 Bluetooth Speaker – Cantilever Style – Build Plan

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Build this 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speaker by downloading this detailed 36 page plan that will show you how to go about it. The plans provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions and a list and links to tools, parts and materials that you will need.

*Build plan dimensions are given in millimetres.




When following this build plan, the end result should give you a system that will have the following approximate specifications:

  • Frequency Response: 44 Hz – 20000 Hz (-3dB)
  • Sensitivity: (2.83V/1 m) 83 dB
  • Power Output: (Left/Right Channels) 30 Watts each (4 Ohms), (Subwoofer Channel) 60 watts (4 Ohms)
  • Bass Principle: (3 inch Full Range Drivers) Sealed, (5.25 inch Subwoofer) Bass Reflex
  • Crossover Point: 180 Hz – 250 Hz User selectable (250 Hz recommended)
  • Size (W x H x D): 560 mm x 215 mm x 228 mm



The above 3 pages are extracts from the build plan.

Watch the build video above.

This clip above is a very basic sound test to give you some idea of what this speaker sounds like. It is of course best listened to through headphones at a moderate volume level. It was recorded via a Zoom H1 microphone ( at a listening distance of roughly 2 meters.